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An introduction to Gaim, part 2

How to configure and setup Gaim

Now that you are done with the install prosess, it's time to go on with the configuration, I will try to show this with a few screenshots so it's easier to understand. For this article I will use MSN as an example, to add other accounts just repeat the same process. Remember, Gaim is still in a development stage (current version is 0.75), so not all features are working at 100%, and there is still a couple of basic features (such as tray icon) missing. Lets get started. :)

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First of all, double-click your Gaim icon  (should look something like the picture above) on your desktop.

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You will now see the Gaim login window, since this is the first time you start your Gaim, you will need to create a new account. Press the button in the bottom left corner named "Accounts". You will then get the following window:

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Press the button which says "Add" to create a new account for your Gaim application, you will then get the following window:


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Here you fill in the information you need to login to your account.


Choose which protocol you want to create an account for, I'm going to use MSN for this article so i chose MSN.


Important, in this spot you fill in your MSN username.


In this spot fill in your MSN password.


Fill in the name you want displayed for your MSN account.

If you want the Gaim application to remember your password and/or auto login on MSN, check the respective boxes.

When you are done with your settings press the button in the bottom right corner which says "Save". You will then get the following window:


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Your account is created, now restart Gaim and you should log straight on to MSN.


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You have no just added one of many different protocols you can use, just follow the same procedure to add another one, if you missed which protocols you can add you can read more about that in part 1.

There we go. :) A brand new multi-messenger. Enjoy.

This is the second in a series of articles about Gaim, if you have Gaim related topics  you'd like to see covered here, let us know. Comments on this article, thumbs up or flames, can be sent to articles@nidelven-it.no.

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